Fusion Surgery for Lumbar Spine Problem

Surgery for Spinal Curvature(Scoliosis)

Farishtaonu - Recovering from spinal deformity

Dr. Abhishek is an expert. He listens to his patients very patiently and explains in very easy and simple terms. I have been going to him since 2015. And since then I have been doing better every day. I would recommend him for any back(spine) issues. The best doctor ever!


~ Vidhi Jain

Dr. Abhishek Srivastav is one of the best spine Surgeon in India.
He did Microdiscectomy in my L5 S1 in April 2021.
I have a long story of my pain which was initially started in March 2016.
Ever since, I was managing it through pain killer, Injections in spine and physiotherapy but I was living poor life with no activity.
I experienced more severe pain when I traveled to Nainital from my car.
After this trip I had unbearable pain for 30 days on Continuous basis without a bit relief,
than one of my elder brother friend told us about Dr.Srivastav Sir- Max superspecility hospital vaishali (UP).
Eventually, I got diagnose with same and now it’s been 8 months to me and by God grace I don’t feel any pain and living my normal life.I strongly recommend Dr Srivastav for any spine related disease or injury
Like Slip disc, cervical, Bi fide etc.



I would recommend everyone to consult Dr. Abhishek if they have any problem related to spine. From your initial consultation right through to your treatment further, they all have been amazing.


~ Ravinder Duhan

My mother had spine fracture in L2 section. Her L2 section got crushed in such a way that it was pressing the nearby nerve and due to that my mother was suffering from unbearable pain and she was unable to straight her spine.

We have tried all the conventional non-surgical treatments but nothing was helpful. So after 8 months, I decided to opt for surgery for my mother. And then I visited to spine surgery department in Max Vaishali and got in touch with Dr. Abhishek.

He took keen interest in the case and explained all the benefits and possible consequences of the surgery. And we decided to go for surgery. And by God grace and Dr. Abhishek’s healing hands, my mother’s spine surgery was a great success. Due to her old age and other chronic health issues, she took 2-3 months to recover from surgery but now she is running her house independently and can walk around in house easily. She can straight her spine without any pain now and leading a better life.

So, I am very thankful to Dr. Abhishek and complete Max Vaishali team for taking care all the procedure.


~ Parag Sangal

I would like to bring this into notice that Dr. Abhishek Srivastava surgically treated my 65 year old mother
for scatica pain when it reached its severe point with other complications.
I got to notice the pain of my mother 3 years back and consulted few doctors for treatment however never got
level of satisfaction to pull her for operation.
With days and years passing by the illness was making body immobile in every respect. My mother couldn’t walk
even 500 mts with confidence. Severe leg Pain and tingling used to always trouble her.
Then i got a chance to meet our Spine surgeon Dr. Abhishek. The first meet and thorough conversation was like
bringing confidence in a person about the illness , risk factors , procedure , post operative measures , everything.
Spine TLIF procedures are treated under major category and it only took me 10 days to decide and get my mother operated from him.
Today , while I write this review I feel full heartedly thankful to Dr. Abhishek to treat my mother for her better
future. The medical sleight of hands and his confidence could be seen the way my mother recovers. She is leading a better lifestyle.
All more my mother can say is “I want to walk more” 🙂


~ Rati Raj

My father has sciatica pain for very long and after all the treatment nothing worked so the past option was surgery so we decided to have then a relative told me about dr. Abhishek Srivastava and his team what and amazing doctor he is, he and his team did the surgery and my father is now completely fine.

I recommend you guys to visit him for your spine problems he talks frankly and also give good treatment.


~ Farhad Ahmad